Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun Galore at Shoppers Stop

So this Shopper's Stop competition is going on and since this is where I do most of my shopping, I thought of checking out their online stuff. The main reason I prefer shopping at Shopper's Stop is because the music is incredibly good, this is the only place in Madras where I've listened to my kind of music. I wonder what music channel they are tuned into, I asked the cashier once and he had no idea. I've heard songs by Thomas Rhett, Eric Church and Luke Bryan. Today I heard Taylor SwiftChris Young and Little Big Town while I was searching for some bed linen, needless to say shopping there is pure joy. I never thought their online collection would be quite eclectic too, anyway these are a few my favourite outfits.
I like navy blue clothes, they seem royal and elegant, like this pretty top. It would make a very pretty outfit for a casual day at work and then later to hang out with friends. Looks quite comfortable too. 

Oh, this is indeed stunning, check out that svelte cut of this blue kurta... it will make any wearer look good. I like the white block print on it, very ethnic and traditional with a little bit of fun thrown in.
This saree oozes elegance, and charm. The mustard colour contrasts well with the dark border, imparts a graceful look to the wearer. 
This peep toe shoe looks quite comfy and sturdy, can be worn with jeans for a rough day while battling all the elements of traffic to get to work on time.

This pretty ring, adds that extra zest to complete the look.  A little sparkle to make any outfit complete and this will definitely make a good conversation starter.
So that's my list, hope you all like it. I found these beautiful items on, you can check them out yourself and enjoy a nice time shopping online. 


Susan Deborah said...

All the best for the contest and oh! yes, I like their music too. Sometimes I just walk in to listen to the music even without buying anything.

Joy always,

Icychips said...

kavitha - i want that shoes!! go go now & c if u can get it for me