Monday, February 3, 2014

Our favourite place, growing up...

The book store that we siblings used to frequent when we were quite young. This was when I obsessively read every hardy boy I could lay my hands on and fell really hard for Frank Hardy. Those were wonderful days spent kneeling on the floor and poking through a collection of books, trying hard to pick out only a few from the rows and rows of books that little shop held.

“Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.”
― Jane Smiley, Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel


Karen Xavier said...

Zak Ster: I find it hard to believe that Constantine Revised and Xander AAryan knelt down and picked books with you in that dingy shop .

Constantine Revised: LOL..........

Megha Martins: Haha I was thinking the same thing. More like she made them kneel down and pick books for her

Shilpa Nair: Ok, I want to comment on this blog post-please remind me to do so, incase that doesn't happen

Karen Xavier-Fernandez: If you've been to a library saj, you'll know that the Hardy Boys, the Nancy Drew's, Judy Blume's and the Enid Blyton's usually occupy the last couple of rows, and the Ludlum's, the Sheldon's and the Steele's were in the middle rows. So yeah, kids had to bend down and go through the books, find out the most adventurous ones with the most exciting covers....

Karen Xavier-Fernandez: Shil, shil shil... why can't you comment here?

Megs,you are the one with a younger brother, remember... my brothers would have kicked me around if I told them to do stuff. But you know how it is, the smell of worn out books and the way they sprinkled magical dust as you flipped through them... it wasn't something that I could bear not doing....

Zak Ster: We always had librarians who were helpful to kids. Never

Zak Ster: And now you are calling a dingy book shop as library - jeez!

Karen Xavier-Fernandez: So you used to stand there and point, and the librarian would pick out one book after another to please Your Highness? Doesn't it sound so Paris Hilton-ish? Anyway, no good librarian will devoid children of that excitement of going through books and finding out the ones they want to take home...

Steve Elsaesser said...

Came upon a word
I'd never heard
in your "about"...
It stood out, cuz
I just realized that's
ME!!! A few bones leaving
their imprints on a rock.
--happily fossilized in
Naples Florida USA.